Thursday, July 07, 2005

New links

One thing that gives me the sh!ts is sites that don’t have full dates on them. How can you tell if they are updated or if a gig was from last year or this month?

The Prince band room, no gig guides what a joke/pity until it has one I wont link it.

The Art House

Revolver Upstairs - Beware: When opening the page it has annoying(or some may say "cool") pinball sound. One question I have where do you turn the friggin thing off? Also gig guide is well hidden in the colour of the front page. One more thing, expect to find lost souls here off chapel street and wankers with designer mullets (eg. members of Jet).

The Laundry - Its cool, well maybe just two girls who worked at the once some years ago to a sold out Niko Case gig, they let me in for free because it was my birthday. This lacks information on any gigs.

Bar Open

Cherry - I think this the official site, but it’s hosted by city search Melbourne Citysearch. Highly recomend the sould night. A usual dj is PBS.

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