Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Friday Night at the Tote

The Tote Fri 5/10/07 "Freaky Fuzz" with The Night Terrors, Mushroom Giant, Spider Goat Canyon & Ahkmed. $10

Walking into this gig was a little of the case of spot the girl. Yep plenty of guys, hair, in a small room, listening to some fuzzy rock. I have to admit I was a total piker at this gig and could only make it past the first two bands.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it was Ahkmed(from Melbourne town) who I saw play first, made some great sounds, mostly instrumental, which reminded me of Melvins, but you can hear other influences coming through such as Kyuss, Mogwai, and Spacemen 3. Ahkmed really flew along and hardly stoped to take a breath.

Ahkmed - Ilanesia

The second and last one I saw was Spider Goat Canyon, maybe I was a little tired from a hard days work, or maybe I lost interest. They didn't have the same energy as Ahmed, which lost me, and talked a bit too much between each song, but this all could be exaggerated due to being tired.

Then again listening to some of there stuff on line I could have them mixed up, but they both sound equally as good from what I've listened to..... Oh why oh why didn't i copy/photo the time of when they started.

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