Sunday, September 16, 2007

La Femme, Legends of Motorsport, & Jarvis

Ding Dong 15/09/2007 $15 La Femme, Legends of Motorsport(space), Jarvis and Bladeshy, plus Hush Hush burlesques troupe.

Missed out on seeing Bladeshy so I cant comment on them. Was initially expecting a big turn out for the gig, as a friend told me his plus one had been canceled. The crowd was fairly mixed, with kids and the older crew. Also the Roof around the bands fell down a bit, kind of like what you would find in an office, if you know what I mean. Also the Hush Hush girls was strange, I thought I was in the wrong venue, it was totally unexpected. Also it seems that the whole Burlesque thing is very in at the moment in Melbourne Town, did notice that there was a few of these kind of shows happening around Melbourne this week.

Jarvis had alot of energy, provoking the most dancing from the crowd compared to all the other bands. Legends of Motorsport was probably my highlight from the night. They always put in a solid effort on stage, rocking out, and I always thought they would of gone alot further in the music world. Hopefully they wont become bitter with age, or can this make them stronger.

I enjoyed La Femme's performance with the new line up, which includes Jules M(ex lead guitar with Kids from Russia) on guitar, Dandan(ex-front man/guitarist with PBR Space Program) on bass and Joe Torrz. Chane Chane did a fairly gutsy performance with an old guy, and no a black t shirt wont cover your gut. My friends mention that he seemed a bit bitter, and he did mention something about Countdown and Uncanny Xmen. Last song they played 'The Boys Next Door', is one of my favourites from the reissue.

La Femme - The Boys Next Door
Legends of Motorsport - Mess is up

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