Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Datarock + Plug in city

hi fi, Datarock + Plug-in city
Friday 7th Sept

Managed to see plug-in city, this was my first time, but have posted some stuff about them in the past. They seemed tight, could hear all sides of the band including keyboards, vocals and guitars (will compare this to datarock). And they even played my favorite song 'broke on a wheel', and did a cover of Happy MOndays 'kinky afro'.

I was totatly borred with datarock, maybe I was tired. they came on stage at 11.45 or after, can't remember as my phone batteries were flat. The crowd that was there was into it. They seemed to be all young and cool likes. On stage they seemed very cocky and brash. Sound was very hard to hear the electronic parts, which seemed to be hidden by the vocals.

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