Monday, August 20, 2007

Melbourne International Film Festival

Durring MIFF I managed to catch a couple of film Fido(Zombie Comedy Horror set a 50's retro USA), Paprika(Japanese Animation - is it real or a dream), & Scott Walker: 30 Century Man.

The Scott Walker Documentary was one of the Music films I wanted to see, but unfortunately missed out on Control, John Peel's Record Box and Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten, but these were all sold out at extraordinary pace.

30 Centuary Man was a real insight into how he makes his music, where he came from, where he is now and his inspirations. Got a little sleepy at the end though. Went from his Walker Brother, Scot Albums and went into his ham thumping nine inch nail like tunes. You can find an MP3 interview with the director here either at 41.4mb(192kbps) or 12.4mb(64kbps), which was on the Brian Wise show Off The Record on RRR.

Also I saw Fido and Parika at the RMIT capital theatre, beautiful place but I felt big up the back was way to far away, my recommendation is to get nice and close on most films you see there.

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