Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I=IT and Young Husband at the Old Bar

I haven't ventured into the old bar for a while, probably not since back in 2001 when a work mate used to play there religiously at there open mic night.

It still has all the second hand furniture, which can be annoying and also comfortable. Makes it hard to find a seat if you come in late with all these old kitchen tables and chair around, especially if your a single loner (like myself) or a group of people, where to you stand when there is no room, room that is taken up by tables. Maybe customized furniture would be the answer, but maybe that would make it not look as cool, but a least you could fit more people in more comfortably.

I think the first band was I=IT (please correct me if I'm wrong), they're a duo, who play this dark electro stuff, one guy on keyboards and the other on vocals. The next group that came up was Young Husband who play this Rock (Motor Rock maybe you could call it that) with female vocals, which totally change the mood of the place. Two extremely different groups back to back. They also reminded me of something that came of the 90's which I can't remember all that well.

Did however miss out on Goofang, I think the trendy kids with there new found fondness of flannel was giving me a headache.

Goofang - TV Junkie

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