Sunday, February 04, 2007

Click Click Muscles

Click Click Sat 4 Feb 07
Muscles - Iced cream from Hyperpop! One

Julian Nation - Press Gang Kids from We are all writers

Do you know where all the cool Melbourne indie Kids hang out, well I just found out, it’s Click Click. After having a afternoon nap, decided to check out a couple of bands. I think the price was $14, which was a bit steep, maybe if you stay all night. But I was just there to see the Bands.

On the menu was Muscles (solo from Melbourne), Julian Nation and Popolice. Popolice played first, one stranger said ‘hey, they look like they are bored’. Then Julian Nation came on stage, well I believe it was him. All the bands for the night played short sets, which was a little disappointing.

For about 15minutes Muscles play with a group of other artists, which was there first time playing together, was a very on the spot. This was loud and interesting, but then after that went into his standard Indie Electronic sounds.


Jerry said...

hey you got mixed up julian nation was on first, popolice is the one man band that was on second

Anonymous said...
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The Stayer said...

thanks. That gig seems like a while back now. Shows you how bad my memory is.