Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Camera Obscura with Institut Polaire

Fri 23rd Feb - Northcote Social Club
Ca,era Obscura with Institut Polaire (Perth) and Bianca Natasha

(It took me a while to write about this)

It was a sold out night at the Northcote Social Club, and stinking hot in the band room while outside was sweat the cool. Why, maybe the aircon wasn't working? But it always happens at this venue.

Did miss out on Bianca Natasha but you can listen to some of her stuff at her space.

Institut Polaire from Perth was very enthusiastic, maybe its a new band syndrome 'Fantastic to be here'. But still you want a band to perform not just play, and performed they did. Great sound for a big band with plenty of stuff going on, loved the trumpet and violen.

Institut Polaire - City Wall and Empires
(they played this track one of my favorites)

The crowd were fairly pumped to see camera obscura, including some people up the front that were going crazy to every song they played. 'Lets get out of this country' was on my Top album list for 2006, so I went into this gig with high expectations. They didn't perform they played but stood there looking very disinterested with being there, a lackluster performance. Although I did enjoy 'Lloyd, I'm ready to be heartbroken' and the soul stomper 'If looks could Kill'. And I don't want to hear the 'they just got off the plane from Glasgow' no when your on stage perform, or my hard earned cash is going to waste. Well there the old man rant for the day.

Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm ready to be heartbroken

Camera Obscura space

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