Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday Night


 After having a drink at The Fox with the crew at PBSfm, the second stop of the night was at The Gem, watched the band above while drinking a pot of draught (I'll have to check Beat to find out who they are). Then it was off to Yah Yahs to see Hugo Race and The True Spirit play.

Managed to catch support Bad Orchestra(pictured above), but missed out on Celery. Very pleased to catch this band, plenty of guitar, taking you somewhere, with some great female vocals thrown in. Bad Orchestra is a band I would definitely see again and look forward to listening to an album, very dreamy. Spoke to two of the members of the band on the street and they said they had only been together for 6 months, but I thought that they were much tighter than a new act and seemed a little bit more together had some sort of direction, compared to alot of new acts.

Probably the best part of Hugo Race and The True Spirit was the trombone/percussionist (on the left of the picture). He was doing thing with a trumpet/trombone/harb/knobs on that thing that if never seen before.

One thing I didn't get about Yah Yah's this night was the crowd, felt like alot of the crowd weren't meant to be there, and may of been more comfortable in a club or bar on Chapel Street.

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