Sunday, October 04, 2009

Vivian Girls and Panel of Judges

Northcote Social Club30th September 2009
Miniature Submarines
Panel of Judges
Vivian Girls

To tell you the truth I nearly forgot about this gig, and just realized I hadn't posted anything on it, as I really use this site to document gig I see in Melbourne. I didn't get to see Miniature Submarines(from Melbourne) so no comments on them, did see Panel of Judges but they did not hold my interested and left to talk to mates in the bar.

The crowd flooded in when the Vivian Girls started, full of all the young and trendies who inhabit Northcote. They did rock, some great moments of instrumentals, but why does this all feel like a dream, maybe I'm to occupied with other matters.

Everything Goes Wrong

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