Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Thod

The Thod, Free
Royal Derby, Fitzroy
Friday 14/8/2009
Jugs of house Draught Beer $10 Jugs, it was ok, cold.

I haven’t been to the Royal Derby for quite some time, and even thought it had closed down. I think last time I’ve been there was in 2000 to whack some balls around on the pool table.

I enjoyed listening to the Thod material, believe it was a pre release CD that I got, but the PA system didn’t do them any justice, maybe the PA was set to loud, and the band couldn’t hear themselves. I also wasn’t a fan of the stage as the wooden partition (something you might see in a restaurant separating tables) seem to box the 8 piece band in.

The last band that I saw reminded me of early 90’s music, take a little from the Stone Roses and some other band I can’t remember. This band didn’t interest me, but the crowd seem to swell to watch them play.

The outside area was packed, even though it was cold, with plenty of smokers and non-smokers, enjoying a conversation where you could hear each other, remember those?

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