Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Not the Human League

Harlequin League - Bones

I often dream at night and wish there would be a band that would come out and be as cool as the Human League in Melbourne town, but alas this will never happen. But when I see the words Synth in a lineup of instruments I'll take a second look. The Harlequin League have a Synth in the lineup, and upon loading there myspace page you are greeted with a track called Again and Again, which may get the kids dancing along to this Synth/Rock Tune, but skip this tracks and listen to Itchy Heart which is much more of a catchier tune and some experimental aliments. I can hear some sounds that remind me of the likes of Stone Roses, Janes Addiction and even a modern act Kasabian (but they don't have the big sound like them). The above track is a little strong but still worth a listen.

They also have a gig coming up at the Corner also with End Of Fashion & The Seabellies on this Friday 5th September.

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