Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Melbourne 2 am Lockout

I have mixed feelings about the Melbourne 2am Lockout. One important thing to remember is when it starts, I was an idiot and thought it was last weekend. It starts at Tuesday 3rd June 2008.

I had a friend last weekend visiting from Sydney (he lives in a inner suburb) and thought Melbourne's night life people were fairly wild, drunks and goth/rave heads roaming the streets. I'm sick of drunks in the City, but love band's and little bar in the ally ways. I probably don't see any more gigs at 2am, as most of them finish at 12 or 1 so I dont know how that will effects gigs other than the ones at Pony, Cherry has some, but not as many as Pony.

Only time will tell how this change.

Check out this site for info.
Also there's an official protest Friday 30 May at Treasury Gardens, cnr Flinders / Spring Streets 5pm. More at the above website.

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