Friday, April 04, 2008


Thurs. 3rd April 08
V Festival Present
JESUS AND MARY CHAIN(space) with THE RAKES(space) and Ghostwood(space)
The Palace (formally the Metro),
$6 cans of VB served in a plastic cub???

Didn't get to see Ghostwood, so no comment. The Rakes were ok, had some good tracks, although the crowd were not interested. I heard a few people say behind me they were good. Play a guitar based indie pop tunes with a bit of a fresh sound, which seems strange as some people believe that Indie Brit Pop is dead.

J and MC play for about more than an hour, that's including the encore. There were a few people in the audience yelling stuff to them, sound though they were pissed off, maybe they didn't play there fav song that they heard when they had sex for the first time. I guess people invest alot of time and money in gigs and feel that the band owes them something. Compare to the last nights show (Hot Hot Heat & Modest Mouse) there seemed to be an older crowd a few more guys and some young hip kids who like to go to the gig dressed up like band or what they think the band is about. They played classics and maybe a couple of new ones (whats with people bagging new tracks), but I like how some tracks went to the next level live, and some tracks I don't liked seemed alot more interesting.

Enough crapping on. A picture of cup and links to come.

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