Monday, June 18, 2007

14/6 Wanda Jackson

At the Corner

I feel bad saying it but the Flying Saucers had a cover band sound but had a fund vibe on stage and set the night for the Rockabilly extravaganza. The crowd was probably the oldest I've seen at the Corner, plus plenty of young kids who dressed up for the occasion (which looks a bit wanky)

Hanks Jalopy Demons were a perfect connection with the new and the old of Rockabilly, this band were very energetic, dancable and entertaining.

The show was a bit of a best of, with Wanda telling some of the stories along the way. Wanda managed to pull out a gospel song, with a few people in the crowd not happy, but she sang it amazingly regardless of what your beliefs are. Even though Wanda has aged psychically, her voice, to her voice was still intact and sounding very much of what I've heard from her CD's.

Also the backing for Wanda in her Australian tour was Itchy Fingers & Andrew King.

The night was cold, I found this out while deciding to walk home while leaving some friends to get a few CD's signed.

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