Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Good Shepherd's Circus Pice Classic

The Good Shepherd's Circus Pice Classic
The Corner, Sunday 29th April

Felt before entering that such a event would be a bit dirty due to pubs with beer drenched carpet holding you in place and smoke of the punters (people still light up in gigs, just a little a bit more discrete , don't know how the ban coming up for all venues will be policed).

Bit of a sad event due to not many people being there for such a good cause. It'd seemed more of an event that should of taken place during summer, maybe outside in a park, or in a park with some festival.

The idea was great having a gig meets rock kwiz meets Iron Chef, but it just seemed very disjointed. If they are going to do this again maybe they should look at the Oyster eating on Australia day at the Belgian beer cafe, that thing is massive.

Also the price of Alcohol is to expensive

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