Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pixies, Jarvis Cocker, Phoenix, The New York Dolls

(This Map shows where I was standing, very fair removed from the action, Imagine how bad it would of been from the back. I would of paid to paid the extra to get up the front or not paid anything at all, and listend outside.)

Pixies, Jarvis Cocker(Space), Phoenix, + The New York Dolls
Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Wednesday April 4th.

Ney york dolls & Phoenix played for 45 minutes each, Jarvis Cocker played just under an hour, and the Pixies closed the show went for about 1 hour and & minutes.

The event felt like an all ages with a great mix of ages, and had all your typical punters from your off your tits to the more sober. Ney York Dolls kick off at 6pm, which confused the punters (who weren't there) and also didn't impress the band too much either.

Was also very impressed by phoenix and the people who went to see them, as I didn't think so many people new them, and this also led to some people sing along not so well.
Jarvis Cocker also was good, but don't think his songs are as strong as his time in Pulp, He also didn't do as much banter as his also gig.

Pixies did a solid performance with only one stop at the start to get rid of a big ball going across the stage, as the Pixies don't do beach balls, then they had a little banter trying to get back to the right part where they left off.

Due to where I was standing (See picture) I felt very removed from all of the performance, this is one of the main problems with these stadium shows, and it was like watching it all on TV.

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