Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday - Mink Jaguar

Fri 12/1/07 UPSTAIRS IN COBRA, The Tote

If you havent been upstairs in the Totes Cobra Lounge thing then your missing out, downstairs had the older crowd seeing Ripe, Kim Salmon and Treetops, while all the cool kids where upstairs dancing on a shakey floor to The Sailors, The Pink Fits (Syd), and Mink Jaguar (Syd).

I was standing there in this in this room, well it looked like a house party and soon people parted and all I was left with was this view of a dancer. A Go Go Dancer wearing a bikini. They had Go Go dancers? Whats with that?

Alas I only saw one of the acts on that hot night, I believe it was Mink Jaguar. They had this 60's garage rock thing going.

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