Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Go! Team at the Corner


Go! Team, The grates and Mid state orange.

Mid State orange started the gig, they had an interesting sound but soon I was soon bored, they seemed a little flat. Then came The Grates which brought up the tempo for the evening and got everyone dancing. Well I didn’t, maybe because I feel a little old. I couldn’t believe the amount of energy that the lead singer has, she just kept on dancing around the stage, maybe on her imaginary trampoline.

It didn’t take long before The Go! Team jumped onto the stage. I was amazed the size of the Go! Team on the small corner stage, but I have seen the Cat Empire play there and they have a horn section. There live sound is very different to there records and would be something hard to replicate, but still came across as a party band. The active band got the dance floor moving, with the exception to the guy on bass (A guy Stereolab standing in).
At the end of the gig I turned to my friends and said “They should have had a live horn section”.

The Grates

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