Saturday, March 01, 2008


Broken Social Scene, Guests: Belles Will Ring

Sold out gig at the Corner, Doors: 8pm, $38

Didn't get to see Belles Will Ring, so wont say anything. The gig was early, With Broken Social Scene starting to play around 10.15pm. They started off with a nice instrumental, played a few tracks that I like off there album 'We hate your hate'(I think thats what it's called. But over all was a little bored. I guess have seen some awesome gigs recently you get spoilt and something that average becomes below average. The cool kids seem to enjoy it, people there seemed to be in there mid 20's some older types as well. Although the gig was a little disappointing I really dig there artwork.

I've linked the Arts and Crafts website, as there own is for members only, what with that.

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