Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth
The Palace (formally the Metro), Thursday 21 Feb
Can’s of VB $6

I heard about the Metro having a making over, and was pleasantly surprised. It didn’t feel as cluttered as the last time I went there. The last time I went there was back in 2003 to see Badly Drawn Boy, which was a total disappointment, mainly due to the disinterest of Damon and the sound.

The crowd was a mix between the young cool kids, who don’t really listen to music anymore, and go to gigs because all there friends PM them through some networking site and plenty of 30-40 year olds who used to listen to them when they were going up. I still don’t know who is scary your 18-25 kids or people in there 30’s-40’s.

Didn’t get to see the Scientist’s play due to wasting time at home (I’ll blame that one on the internet) but just go there about 10 minutes before Sonic Youth had played. Last time I saw Sonic Youth play was back in 2003 at the Forum touring there Murray Street LP, which a magical gig, done in two half’s, first more instrumental and second songs with vocals. This time they play there album Daydream Nation, as was part of a series of gigs(was it called back in the day). Some people love or hate sonic youth, I tend to swing the love em, as I really get into there instrumental parts and how creative they can get with the use of the old guitar. This set I think last about one and a half hours, well I think, time was lost on me for a little while.

Sonic Youth - Eric's Trip
from Goo Deluxe Edition Outtakes (Live at Irvine, CA 11/03/90)

The picture at the Top was found at http://www.sonicyouth.com/freestuff/index.html. You can find more SY stencils there.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Little Red

Little Red at Northcote Social Club, Tuesday 19/2. $10. Potts of Druaght Beer $3.50.

This is the time of year University Start’s, under 18’s should all be back in school and summer in the land of Aus finishes. While venturing to this gig this was when I happened to stumble upon some loud new University students, who all decided to jump on the Tram I was travelling on and go for a ride for three stops. Then at the gig the amount of young people there was massive, well in my own opinion. It feels like the kids these days are getting younger or is that I’m getting older. There on the tram I was thinking no more kids and I go to the gig there’s even more. But there’s something happening there, I always read about people complaining that gig numbers are dieing and people should go out to see more bands, support your local venue. With this gig I forgot all about that it was packed, full of young people, but packed for a lazy Tuesday night residency at the Northcote Social Club.

I only got just there in time to see Little Red so I cant say anything about the other band nor do I know who played (there were two supports). I saw them back supporting the pipettes at the start of 2008, and was still impressed. They have great energy, vocals harmonies, guitars and interesting drummer (he was described to me as a bobble head). If you like the sounds of Franz Ferdinand, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Chuck Berry check them out, either on line or get a hold of there EP(I did at the gig).

They finish there residency at the Northcote Social Club on 26 of Feb, and will be performing that night with The Holidays (NSW) and Dash & Will.

The kids went crazy over this song, must be due to the high airplay on Triple J radio.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Dan Deacon

I've just found this website(via Dan Deacons's myspace) you can find past releases here on his website. I'm yet to listen to them, but am looking forward to it, so will be puting up a link to one of his tracks when I get home. He's playing Saturday 23rd at the Evelyn in Melbourne, so check him out, because I can't I'm away.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Coming Up Gig’s

Chicks on Speed, Fri 7 March, Roxanne, Tickets through Moshtix.com.au
Crazy Penis (5 Piece live band) + Lychee Martini, Friday 14, Billboard the Venue

CCS, Fri 4, Prince Band Room 8.30, $55+BF
Porcupine Tree, Fri 25, Palace Theatre(formally Metro)
Henry Rollins(talking), Fri 18 & Sat 19, Comedy Theatre, ticketek.com.au

Minus The Bear + Nation Blue

Minus the Bear + Nation Blue & another band I forgot to write down there name,
Sunday 10/02/08 at Hi Fi, tickets about $45 pre $50 at the door.

Something I forgot with the Hi Fi, are no longer selling Fosters beverages (that’s Carlton Draught, Pure Blonde, Cascade, and many more) and are now selling, or what appears to be lion Nathan, becks, toeheys etc. Becks Stubies $7.50. One of my mates said next time just say ‘Whatever’s you cheapest?’ work, so might have to try that.

The crowd were fairly young looking, but that’s not surprising as Minus The Bear are a fairly internet savvy and highly blogged band.

The first act were an instrumental band whom I forgot to make a note of there name, they were good, took you to some quieter places then just let these heavier riffs out. While listening to the next band Nation Blue brought up memories of Billy Childish, The Clash and at the Drive In.

The first two acts you could be mistaken for being at a punk gig, but Minus the Bear(from Seattle), I don’t really think they fit in a punk pigeon hole but rather a rock or prog rock. When they came onstage the lead singer, Jake Snider , said his was no good, but after a few songs into it seemed to come good, or maybe I just didn’t notice it. The second song they played is my favourite from there Planet of Ice CD ‘Throwin’ Shapes’ which I enjoyed, I don’t know what do you say. It’ll be interesting to see how far this band will go as they had some fairly dedicated fans (before they started they are went to the empty part at the front and all waited)j, they have a great sound as well, maybe they’ll somehow jump into the mainstream or stay unknown and gather a large following.

Minus the Bear - Throwin' Shapes

more Minus the Bear can be found at Suicide Squeeze Records.

Monday, February 11, 2008

November Gig

A small round up of larger gigs in Melbourne

Mon 5 Nov PARA ONE (Paris) + LARRY TEE (NY) - Prince
Mon 5 Nov BUTTERFINGERS + Bluejuice + Bukkcity - The Corner
Mon 5 Nov THE MESS HALL + The Silents (WA) - East Brunswick Club

Wed 7 Nov BOBBY FLYNN - Prince

Thu 8 Nov THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER (USA) with CEPHALIC CARNAGE (USA) + Picture the End - The Corner
Thu 8 Nov JEFF SCOTT SOTO (USA) + The Dead Things - East Brunswick Club

Fri 9 Nov THE RED EYES album launch - The Corner
Fri 9 Nov DIMMER (NZ) - East Brunswick Club

Sat 10 Nov EDDIE BO (USA) with THE BAMBOOS - The Corner
Sat 10 & Sun 11 Nov THE STEMS - East Brunswick Club

Sun 11 Nov THE WALLS (Dublin, Ireland) - Prince
Sun 11 Nov PATRICK WOLF (UK) - The Corner

Thu 15 Nov & Fri 16 Nov SNUFF PUPPETS - East Brunswick Club
Fri 16 Nov KATALYST LIVE - Prince
Fri 16 Nov FAKER + Children Collide + E.L.F - The Corner

Sat 17 Nov LIOR - The Corner
Sun 18 Nov KATCHAFIRE (NZ) - The Corner
Wed 21 Nov RENEE GEYER - Prince
Thu 22 Nov COLIN HAY BAND - The Corner

Sat 24 Nov BOYS NIGHT OUT (CANADA) - The Corner
Sat 24 Nov SIXFTHICK (QLD) - East Brunswick Club

Thu 29 Nov & Fri 30 Nov ROYAL CROWN REVUE (USA) - The Corner

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Upcoming Gigs

Some upcoming gigs I thought look interesting, a little self indulgent.

DAPPLED CITIES with BLUEJUICE (NSW) and The Seabellies Friday 15 Feb $12+bf East Brunswick club http://www.dappledcitiesfly.com/
ADAM FRANKLIN (Swervedriver - UK) with Sarah Kelly (The Redsunband) Sunday 17 Feb $25+bf East Brunswick club
THE CRUEL SEA with The Vasco Era & The Fumes Fri 21 Mar 8.30 $44.00 Prince Bandroom
Outrun sat 23 feb late show Pony
LITTLE RED (Last of there Feb residency) with The Holidays (NSW) and Dash & Will Tue 26 Feb 8.00 Tickets $10 at the door only. Northcote Social Club
THE MATCHES (USA) with Dardanelles and Reptiles Wed 27 Feb $26+bf East Brunswick club
STILL FLYIN’ (USA) with The Crayon Fields and The Zebras Wed 27 Feb 8.00 Tickets: $12 at the door only Northcote Social Club.
Pink Fits(NSW) Fri 29 Feb late show Pony
The Dirtbombs (USA) with Eddy Current Suppression Ring and The Stabs Fri 29 Feb The Tote

LAURA JEAN (album launch) Sun 2 Mar 7.30pm ($12+BF) The Corner
Labour Day BBQ - Jay Reatard (USA), Digger & The Pussycats, Cut Sick, The Focus, and UV Race Mon 3 Mar The Tote
WHITLEY with Skipping Girl Vinegar and Seagull Wed 5 Mar 8.00 $12+bf Northcote Social Club.
COCOROSIE (USA) Thu 6 Mar Doors: 8pm $38+BF The Corner
FUTURE OF THE LEFT (UK) with My Disco Thu 6 & Fri 7 Mar 8.00 $36+bf http://www.futureoftheleft.com/
THE DIRTBOMBS (USA) with JAY REATARD (USA) and Ooga Boogas and Circle Pit (NSW) Friday 7 Mar $35+bf East Brunswick club
THE SEA AND CAKE (USA) with Aleks and The Ramps Sat 8 Mar 8.30 $34+bf Northcote Social Club http://www.theseaandcake.com/
BUFFALO TOM (usa) Fri 7 Mar 8:30 PM $49.50 + B/F The Hi Fi
JENS LEKMAN with full band (Sweden) Mon 10 Mar Doors: 7.30pm $38+BF The Corner
COCOROSIE (USA) Extra show has just been announced - Mon 10 Mar 8.00 Tickets $38+bf on sale Wed 6 Feb Northcote Social Club http://www.cocorosieland.com/
IAN BROWN (uk) Tues 11 Mar 7:30 PM $71.50 + B/F Hi Fi
Maximo Park Wednesday, 12 March $48.50inc bf Billboard the Venue
MÚM (ICELAND) Mon 17 Mar 8pm $40+BF The Corner
THE BELLRAYS (USA) Tue 18 Mar 8pm The Corner
THE DATSUNS (NZ) Tues 18 & Wed 19 Mar $27+bf East Brunswick club
RON SEXSMITH (Canada) Wed 19 Mar 8pm $43.50+BF The Corner
Afrika Bambaataa Friday, 21 March Billboard the Venue
GALACTIC (featuring Chali 2na of Jurassic 5 & Boots Riley of The Coup - USA) Sunday 23 Mar $47+bf http://www.galacticfunk.com/
MAVIS STAPLES and band (USA) Sun 23 March 8.30 $72.20 Prince Bandroom
WITCH HATS (album launch) with KIM SALMON AND THE SURREALISTS and DIMI DERO (FRANCE) Sun 23 March 8.30 $14+bf Northcote Social Club

CSS (BRAZIL) Fri 4 Apr $55.00 8.30 Prince Bandroom

HELMET (usa) Sat 3 May $48.00 + B/F

Monday, February 04, 2008


Neil Rogers Triple R show The Australian Mood celebrates 25 years of playing Australian only tunes. The age article found here.

The guy I sit next to at work recommends Aceyalone who support the Dr Octagon (kool keith) gig at the Espy, he also sad the Espy is the best place to see a gig, but I would say no as the beer is way to expensive there.

Also I recently walk past the Rob Roy the other night and saw that it has now been leased, what could we see there next? I’m shore I read somewhere that they’ll be doing gig’s again, but probably a rumour.