Thursday, June 18, 2009


JE SUIS ANIMAL (Norway) with THE CRAYON FIELDS and The Zebras
The Edinburgh Castle

Great price for an international act and 2 local bands.

I just rocked up to miss out on The Zebras who were said to be, by my friend, to have a Smiths sound.

The Crayon Fields were ok again, short sweet indie pop tunes, lead singer sometimes has annoying banter. I’ve seen them so many times I think I’ve lost all my feelings for them, if that makes any sense.

JE SUIS ANIMAL had some sweet female vocals, they reminded of Stereo Lab, but more pop, with tastes of 80’s Indie and 60’s psychedelica.

I think there playing again on the 27th of June at The Edinburgh Castle, I wonder if this will be a charged gig, Edinburgh Castle often has some nice free gig’s for a great little pub venue in the front bar.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Mark Pritchard & Steve Spacek are Africa Hi-Tech Sound System

Cost $15

This was the set list for Saturday night

21:00-22:30: JPS
22:30-23:30: Dexter (did not do a set, he was sighted though)
23:30-01.00: Declan Kelly
01.00-03.00: Africa Hi-Tech Sound System

21:00-23:00: Dust
23:00-01.00: Inkswel

The night when from Soul/RnB style to more of a minimalist techno.
I was really disappointed that Dexter didn't play.
When Africa Hi-Tech Sound System it was really packed upstairs, go barely move, heaps of music like nerds that were probably taking it a little to serious. It was great how down stairs had up stairs pumping through the speakers, as here was a little more room to move.