Monday, May 18, 2009


Ratatat, Qua and Worlds End Press(did not see) at the Corner Friday 15th, $30+BF

Qua was very hypnotic, 2 piece, Laptop, Synth, Electronic Drums and Sampler/Loop machine(I think)
Ratatat had some great guitar riffs and visuals, with plenty of electronic beats and samples.
I was up the front for most of it, but couldn’t stand it, seams that all the f*** heads are up the front, they tend to get a little overexcited, pushy, violent to others, and all the mellow people who would like to have a non intrusive dance stand up the back.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Richie 1250

Ventured into the Old Bar on Friday to see Richie play with his band the Brides of Christ. Did happen to hear a little of Howl at the Moon, very tight and Toot Toot Toot, very challenging.

Richie was really intense on stage, really getting into the moment, dancing into the crowd. Also the guitar was really tight, and the whole band too.

Richie Myspace
Bands Myspace

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Soul a Go Go

This was probably the best Soul a Go Go I've been to. Crowd was a little over 28's, and started off being a little quiet at 10 but then got packed around 11. Highlights were Vince, Paul Sadot (in the soul room) and DJ Prequel.