Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sometimes I forget

Going through my pictures, I found this one, not a great photo, taken back on the 25th of April 2010, at The Old Bar, band unknown.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Birmingham new band room

Saturday August 14th, The Birmingham, $8
Heavy Yolks, Joseph liddy and the Skeleton horse (QLD), Quoabe (Syd), Marf Loaf (Syd)

Marf Loaf
Joseph Liddy and the Skeleton Horse
The new band room is very cosy, although there there was trouble with the smell and sweat. The aircon was turned on but the window was still fogged up. Maybe this room could be on the nose come summer. However no poll in the middle of the room was great.

Marf Loaf two peice, great voice and excellent guitarist. Quoabe played some Gothic folk rock, guitar I could hear but his voice was a little muffled. Joseph Liddy and the Skeleton Horse, young band, had some loud rocking tunes mixed in with some quieter moments.