Sunday, December 30, 2007

Built to Spill + Crayon Fields & Gareth Liddiard

Built to Spill(space) + Crayon Fields(space) & Gareth Liddiard
The Corner 29/12/2007, ticket $48, pots of draught beer $3.60

Crayon Fields played a sweet, crusy indie pop, great for a summer day.

Gareth Liddiard(I think he's the Lead singer of the Drones) solo act, playing haunting ballads and telling stories.

Built to Spill played a real dreamy gig with plenty of great guitar action. It was amazing that this relaxed band had a few crazy supporters in the crowd even one person who must of fainted near the stage, as the lead singer called for someone to give them a hand. Doug Martsch also thank the crowd for coming and mention how expensive it was, but how I see it was very cheep for an international gig these days.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


While looking for another artist (on J unearthed) I stumbled across this four piece Melbourne band SuperFunHappyBand! With a name like that you would expect them to come out of Japan... or not. It's Pop, Electro and Punk all rapped into one. Just beware plenty of synth can be found here.

If you want to check them out gigs comming up are 27/12/07 8pm Miss Libertine; 29/12/07 Falls Festival; and 14/2/08 Ding Dong.

SuperFunHappyBand! - Short And Harsh
SuperFunHappyBand! - Get Good!

The Black Lips & Spencer P. Jones

The Black Lips(space) + Spencer P. Jones & the Escape Committee(space) and Digger & the Pussycats, Thursday 20/12/07, The Tote

There was a plenty of hype around town about The Black Lips. It was cool how they had three gig's in a row, one at the art house and then a couple at the Tote. I only just got there, and saw the last couple of song by Spencer P. Jones & the Escape Committee, always highly recommend them as they are hard workers on stage, and give you much bang for your buck. The Tote was amazingly stinky, the heat was almost too incredible and exhausting. If I felt hot in the crowd how unbearable was it for the muso's on stage with the lights on them.

The Black Lips had the sound (blue/punk), sometimes it was a little bit repetitive, but I was totally not into them. They've got a couple of good tracks out but maybe the heat just got to me, which eventually forced me to leave.

Black Lips - Cold Hands

Thursday, December 20, 2007

King Brothers & Bang!Bang!Aids! at the Tote

King Brothers, Bang!Bang!Aids! and ?.
16/12/07 at the Tote

I only caught the last five tracks of the first act, and can’t remember for the life of me who they were but they had some incredible fuzz happening.

Second act to come on stage was Bang!Bang!Aids!(In my opinion on of the worst names in the business at the moment). If you haven’t seen this band they comprise of Guitarist, Drummer and Two members on stage each had a Floor Tom(I know nothing about drums and found this on wikipedia). I have listened to some of there music before and was very interested in seeing them live, but live was a little bit annoyed with the stopping and starting and some in house jokes with the crowd. Also minor note some of the punters left while this band was playing.


Didn’t know what to expect with the King Brothers other than they were from Japan, and they’d played this Rock n Roll/Punk tunes. They were very hardworking on stage, songs went into one another and they’re was some great long guitar solo’s to be heard.

The Gossip and Catcall

The Gossip(Space) and Catcall at the Prince Band Room, Sunday 16th December

It's been really hard keeping up with writing this blog as we're in the silly season of gig's. Many a gig and festival is happening around Melbourne town. The crowd at the Prince Band room was fairly young, mixed though, with slightly more Ladies than Gentlemen in the house.

Last time I saw Catcall was at Roxanne, and was much more impressed this time. What I liked about this time was a better vibe with the venue, which it seemed Catcall was feeding off it, and also she had two backup Singers/Dancers who were Ms Fitz and Carolina. Also I can't remember her introducing them. I heard once that Missy Elliot when she was down, introduced all her 20 odd dancing/backup posse in a song that went for a little long, which sounded very hilarious. For this year Catcall would be in my top 10 or one of my top lists, especially with the 'Dis' track on her demo CD (get if you can).

The Gossip mixed it up with a bit of banter and some amazing sounds. I still am amazed on how fantastic Beth's vocals were in real life, very much like a soul singer, and for some reason I was thinking Sharon Jones. It'll be very interesting to see were the Gossip career will go, and especially Beth.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Exotics and The Murder Rats

Exotics and The Murder Rats
At the Grayhound Hotel Sat 8th December
The Murder Rats are a fairly new line up even though the Bassist and the Drummer play in Intoxia, with young singer Ash and a guitarist who I can't remember where they found him, but has worked in other rock'n'roll bands. They played a very energetic rock'n'roll punk sound, with a lead singer with a gravely voice, which made me thing of Motorheads Lemmy. Also there was a plenty a crowd sticking around to see this band play.

The well played around Exotics had a two set. Second set had Spencer P Jones play with them, before the lights went out. Well they must of burnt a fuse or something.

Some more music festival posters

Something for the posers. Website

Sunday, December 09, 2007

The New Electric

I've been very slack with my posts recently. I saw The New Electric at Ding Dong last month, can't remember the date. They were supporting a new act, which I can't remember who they were. The New Electric was great, very sharp on stage, probably best described as new wave pop with a twist of rock and electro thrown in for good measure. When I saw them I thought of 80's music with the likes of The Jam and Rocky Music (maybe due to sax).

The New Electric - Blue Envy
The New Electric - Flesh and Metal
The New Electric - Lady

Saturday, December 01, 2007


BLACK GUNS + LOS AMIGOS + SIXSHOOTER + SHOWCARD + DJ APPLEJACK Ding Dong Lounge, City. 8pm, 30th November 2007. $10.

BLACK GUNS - Another rock act
LOS AMIGOS - Banter was great, lyrics in music was good,
SIXSHOOTER - clasic rock out fit, maybe you could say with the likes of those new rock bands like Airbourne , but with out the wacky outfits.

BLACK GUNS - Nervous Breakdown (from In the City)

Devil's Kitchen! 2008

I almost forgot about this one. Reports has it that 2007 was good. Hopefully I can still go. Check out Cherry Bar's myspace for more details.

Hot Air Baboon

Hot Air Baboon - Card counting in hell & Reaction

Hot Air Baboon is an 3 piece rock act out of Melbourne town who play an experimental rock. Probable influences would be the likes of Frank Zappa, Tom Waits, Blue Explosion and Ween.

You can find a few other downloads at the Triple J unearthed website.

Gig comming up in Melbourne, 12 Dec 07 at Ding Dong; 19 Dec 07 at The Tote; 11 Jan 08 at Bar 303 (Northcote); and 18 Jan 08 at The Blue Tile Lounge (Collingwood).

PBSfm Live Music Week

Fed Square in Melb CBD, 2nd December 11am-7pm. It's Free.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Record Producer

Another gem found on the JJJ free mp3 page.

Record Producer - The Way
(sorry wrong link was posted, is updated now)

Going by the Website Record Product is a new project for two of Melbourne's most talented musicians, but no names have been added. It's a catchy 60's sounding tune with a little Hip Hop thrown in, and this could be leaning towards the sounds of the Go! Team. It's coming out via Rubber Records so this could be a bit a hit over summer.

Plug in City at Miss Libertine

Plug in City at Miss Libertine, Sat 10th of November, EP Launch, $10, potts of draught $3.50

This was my first time to see a gig at Miss Libertine, although I had been there on several occasions for a cheap pizza (there not to bad). Don't know what the first band was called, but the lead singer enjoyed having his top off. Not too exciting, but most of the people there were there to see Plug in City. So by saying that the crowd were punters, family, friends, and some people who were still getting wasted after being at the races.

I had a few problems with the venue, low stage; it got really hot after it packed in and it was hard to move in and out;and the sound quality was not that great. Although with saying that there were some places you could stand at the back on steps and the toilets and front bar had the live music pumping through there PA, which sounded so much better.

Plug in City are a great band, they have everything going for them young, looks and sound. They come from Melbourne, so you could make references to the likes of Cut Copy, although there sound is more laid back and cruiser compared to cut copy. They fit right in with the whole Modular stable. They kinda loosely remind me of New Order and also with a hint of The Cars. They have a great sound live, hardly any stopping and starting, plus no random ramblings by the lead singer.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Charles Baby

Melbourne Indie/Roots Singer/Songwriter Charles Baby has a couple of tracks up at the JJJ Unearthed page.

Influences include Bob Dylan, Augie March, Radiohead, Joanna Newsom and The Pogues, but his Australian accent does come through these tracks.

Gig's comming up for Charles include The Espy on 11 Nov 07, Barbukka Acoustic Night (Fitzroy), and Queenscliff Music Festival 24th and 25 Nov 2007.

Charles Baby - How To Fight Everyone At Once
Charles Baby - Tremors of Love

Monday, October 22, 2007

Cat Call at Roxanne

Cat Call (Kathryn and Sleater Brockman out of Sydney)
at Roxanne 19/10/07

Went to this place maybe around 8.30 ish not open. So my mate and I then decided to get some Dumpling action in a near by restaurant in china town (well Roxanne is in China Town). We're were pretty keen to see Cat Call (Kathryn) in action, I have greatly enjoyed her demo CD she sent me via here myspace website site thingy. While sitting there in this dead place, we had the pleasure in watching both Death Proof and Planet terror in silent, great visuals.Yes Roxanne was dead, will this trendy place survive? It's the type of place the cool kids will go to make out and sell there trendy drugs. Cat Call was very excited and energetic on stage, coming out at 1pm. I didn't know any of the tracks, but maybe this was my sleepy head kicking in. The show was plenty of backing tracks with singing of the top. I've seen peaches do this at a Big Day Out back in 2004, but she had visuals and even more energy on stage, maybe it would be interesting to see Cat Call head this way, time will only tell.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Tote Documentary

I should be sleeping.
I heard this old rock venue may be purchased by the same people who turned the punters into a pizza restaurant. This was from 2006. Don't know what is happening with this now.
Things cant always stay the same.

Music festival adds

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Saturday Ngiht at the Evelyn

The Evelyn 6 Oct 2007 $15
Outrun + The Phillips Sisters + The Young And Restless

I really went to this gig to see the first act Outrun. You can put them into the whole Aussie Electronic box along with Cut Copy, The Presets and Midnight Juggernaut's, but don't let that stop you, they are very underrated (like Studio have you herd of them) and very fresh. Had me thinking of Sheffield acts in the late 70's - early 80's, maybe New Order and Human league. Can't wait to have in my hot hands there album when its released.

I thought The Phillips Sisters were a little loud a cocky, very glammed up with a lead singer in tight spandex pants, had a few crazy dancers at the start. I was a little bit bored with there antics and decided to get some pizza.

Young & Restless are probably more Rock/Punk, rather than Indie/Rock. They were really loud and very excited had a great stage presence, not to up themselfs.

Young & Restless - Satan

Luke Whitby - Was it a cat I saw

I saw this last week sometime. Very wordy, Nerdy, a show about words, with a focus on Palindromes and Anagrams. A little bit autobiographical (before stand up comedy he did the whole spoken poetry) and his love for Heavy Metal Music (there's the music tie in). An example from the reverse of the flyer for an Anagram was "Paris Hilton-The Simple Life is an Anagram of A little Ho is Pimpin' Herself?" There were some slow bits and some absolute piss funny stuff.

Melbourne Fringe Festival

Friday Night at the Tote

The Tote Fri 5/10/07 "Freaky Fuzz" with The Night Terrors, Mushroom Giant, Spider Goat Canyon & Ahkmed. $10

Walking into this gig was a little of the case of spot the girl. Yep plenty of guys, hair, in a small room, listening to some fuzzy rock. I have to admit I was a total piker at this gig and could only make it past the first two bands.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it was Ahkmed(from Melbourne town) who I saw play first, made some great sounds, mostly instrumental, which reminded me of Melvins, but you can hear other influences coming through such as Kyuss, Mogwai, and Spacemen 3. Ahkmed really flew along and hardly stoped to take a breath.

Ahkmed - Ilanesia

The second and last one I saw was Spider Goat Canyon, maybe I was a little tired from a hard days work, or maybe I lost interest. They didn't have the same energy as Ahmed, which lost me, and talked a bit too much between each song, but this all could be exaggerated due to being tired.

Then again listening to some of there stuff on line I could have them mixed up, but they both sound equally as good from what I've listened to..... Oh why oh why didn't i copy/photo the time of when they started.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Green Room is now the Night Owl

Recently walking down Elizabeth Street in Melbourne CBD, I saw this change, no longer does the Green Room(well it was closed down some time ago) exist, in it's place is the Night Owl Bar.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Big Day Out 2008 - Bands

This is for Melbourne Big Day Out 2008't you hate the .com it should be
Also find out more info from the press release

Line up for the Big Day Out in Melbourne (well whats been announced, view the website on the 7/10/07)


Sunday, September 30, 2007

Battles at Brunswick East Club

Battles at Battles at Brunswick East Club, Tuesday 25/09

Battles started around 10 which is such a great time for what they call a school night, however I did miss out on MyDisco (but had already seen them a few months ago). I just arrived when Battles started, so I was up the back, when entering I was greeted with the smell of Sweat coming from the gig. There was a broad range of people in the crowd including music heads, cool indie kids and possibly some Mike Patton fans. Battles were pretty intense, kept me thinking and the Sound was great (the mixing). Hopefully they'll play again for a side show to the Big Day Out.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Air Guitar Nation

Air Guitar Nation starts this Thursday at Cinema Nova(thst's the 27th).

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten, Starts September 20

Joe Strummer, The Future Is Unwritten (MA15+) Starts September 20 at Cinema Nova.
Session times from Thurs Sept 20 to Wed Sept 26: Thurs & Mon to Wed: 11.30am, 2.00, 4.30, 7.15 & 9.40pm, Fri to Sun: 11.30am, 4.30, 7.15 & 9.40pm.

Watch a review for this on At the Movies, Margaret gave it 4 star and David 3.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

La Femme, Legends of Motorsport, & Jarvis

Ding Dong 15/09/2007 $15 La Femme, Legends of Motorsport(space), Jarvis and Bladeshy, plus Hush Hush burlesques troupe.

Missed out on seeing Bladeshy so I cant comment on them. Was initially expecting a big turn out for the gig, as a friend told me his plus one had been canceled. The crowd was fairly mixed, with kids and the older crew. Also the Roof around the bands fell down a bit, kind of like what you would find in an office, if you know what I mean. Also the Hush Hush girls was strange, I thought I was in the wrong venue, it was totally unexpected. Also it seems that the whole Burlesque thing is very in at the moment in Melbourne Town, did notice that there was a few of these kind of shows happening around Melbourne this week.

Jarvis had alot of energy, provoking the most dancing from the crowd compared to all the other bands. Legends of Motorsport was probably my highlight from the night. They always put in a solid effort on stage, rocking out, and I always thought they would of gone alot further in the music world. Hopefully they wont become bitter with age, or can this make them stronger.

I enjoyed La Femme's performance with the new line up, which includes Jules M(ex lead guitar with Kids from Russia) on guitar, Dandan(ex-front man/guitarist with PBR Space Program) on bass and Joe Torrz. Chane Chane did a fairly gutsy performance with an old guy, and no a black t shirt wont cover your gut. My friends mention that he seemed a bit bitter, and he did mention something about Countdown and Uncanny Xmen. Last song they played 'The Boys Next Door', is one of my favourites from the reissue.

La Femme - The Boys Next Door
Legends of Motorsport - Mess is up

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Skip hop to this

GameBoy/GameGirl - Sweaty Wet/Dirty Damp
GameBoy/GameGirl - Pumps & Rumps Mature Content

I'm not a big fan of Skip hop or Australian Hip Hop but there are some little nuggets out there, that are hard to find.

GameBoy/GameGirl (from Melbourne) do this Hip Hop Electronic thing, but without the Aussie accent. Members are Katy, Jess and Tranter who do the MCing and DJ Miami Horror. Recently they've been playing around the clubs and event around Melbourne. Miami Horror is currently producing for Gameboy/Gamegirl and also has done some remixing for the likes of Datarock,
Grafton Primary, Soft Tigers and Young and Restless.

Spun Rivals + Worlds End Press + Teenagers in Tokyo + Cut off your hands

the Tote
Sat 8th
Spun Rivals + Worlds End Press + Teenagers in Tokyo(space) + Cut off your hands(Space)

Cut Off Your Hands - You And I

This was a very fresh and interested gig, with comparison to Friday nights disappointment.
Spun Rivals kicked off the night with some rock; Worlds End Press bought some spaced out Psychedelic Prog Rock; and Teenagers got the crowd dancing. I did however miss the power pop sensation that is Cut of Your Hands from NZ, but have already seen them back earlier this year supporting Love is All (read about it hear).

Datarock + Plug in city

hi fi, Datarock + Plug-in city
Friday 7th Sept

Managed to see plug-in city, this was my first time, but have posted some stuff about them in the past. They seemed tight, could hear all sides of the band including keyboards, vocals and guitars (will compare this to datarock). And they even played my favorite song 'broke on a wheel', and did a cover of Happy MOndays 'kinky afro'.

I was totatly borred with datarock, maybe I was tired. they came on stage at 11.45 or after, can't remember as my phone batteries were flat. The crowd that was there was into it. They seemed to be all young and cool likes. On stage they seemed very cocky and brash. Sound was very hard to hear the electronic parts, which seemed to be hidden by the vocals.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Young Breeder

Found this poster on the ding dong myspace, nice. Was going to see a gig there, but due to the internet my adventure couldn't take place as time was wasted.

As per the poster on Saturday 1st Sep 2007 at 8pm Young Breeder play with Russian Roulettes, The Lady Boys, Deloreans and Dj Lovepuff.

This track is taken off a 2 track Young Breeder Demo. Very anthemic rock tune from an Aussie act, and with a hint of the cult.

Young Breeder - Dirty People

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I=IT and Young Husband at the Old Bar

I haven't ventured into the old bar for a while, probably not since back in 2001 when a work mate used to play there religiously at there open mic night.

It still has all the second hand furniture, which can be annoying and also comfortable. Makes it hard to find a seat if you come in late with all these old kitchen tables and chair around, especially if your a single loner (like myself) or a group of people, where to you stand when there is no room, room that is taken up by tables. Maybe customized furniture would be the answer, but maybe that would make it not look as cool, but a least you could fit more people in more comfortably.

I think the first band was I=IT (please correct me if I'm wrong), they're a duo, who play this dark electro stuff, one guy on keyboards and the other on vocals. The next group that came up was Young Husband who play this Rock (Motor Rock maybe you could call it that) with female vocals, which totally change the mood of the place. Two extremely different groups back to back. They also reminded me of something that came of the 90's which I can't remember all that well.

Did however miss out on Goofang, I think the trendy kids with there new found fondness of flannel was giving me a headache.

Goofang - TV Junkie

Some Noise

Some noise being made in a inner city bar, was fairly spacey, with a video DJ, would of been great with the immature girl I was with lent over after they finished and said 'when does the band start?' and I replied 'That was the band!'

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Miami Horror

Found this Melbourne producer with a feature on Pitch Fork, I think this was posted around May 2007. Nice Electronic taking you back to the 80's. By the way I hate the term Indie Electro (this has nothing to do with that).

Miami Horror - Don't Be on With Her

ECSR Constructing Fear

Eddy Current Suppression Ring (name taken from a small gadget used in electronic circuitry) have written a song for a doco called Constructing Fear, about exposing the activity of an industrial inquisition targeting building workers across Australia.

ECSR - Demon's Demands(Full)

ECSR - Demon's Demands(Radio Edit)

Eddy's Myspace

Monday, August 20, 2007

Candice Monique at the Empress

Candice Monique and Mikey Chan at the Empress, $4

Candice Monique really reminds me of the like of Jill Scott and Lauryn Hill. Gig was kind of out of place, and would of been more suited in a classy bar/restaurant rather than a dirty pub with expensive food (whats with that anyway? $17 for a Palma?).

Candice Monique - Soul Dance

Candice Monique - Hypothetical

Skipping Girl

The Skipping Girl Sign is a land mark in Melbourne town, and can be found off Victoria Street in the inner Melbourne Suburb of Abbotsford. Skipping Girl Vinegar (Who's namesake comes from this sign which is listed under the National Heritage Trust) are an Independent Roots alt-acoustic four piece with a dash of pop.

There playing at the Corner Hotel with Shout Out Louds(Sweden) this Friday 24th August, then back in September to play the Toff in Town in Melbourne CBD for a single launch.

I'm not a big fan of the whole Roots thing but track 'One Chance' is leaning towards pop, with some hand clapping and a banjo.

Skipping Girl Vinegar - One Chance

Melbourne International Film Festival

Durring MIFF I managed to catch a couple of film Fido(Zombie Comedy Horror set a 50's retro USA), Paprika(Japanese Animation - is it real or a dream), & Scott Walker: 30 Century Man.

The Scott Walker Documentary was one of the Music films I wanted to see, but unfortunately missed out on Control, John Peel's Record Box and Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten, but these were all sold out at extraordinary pace.

30 Centuary Man was a real insight into how he makes his music, where he came from, where he is now and his inspirations. Got a little sleepy at the end though. Went from his Walker Brother, Scot Albums and went into his ham thumping nine inch nail like tunes. You can find an MP3 interview with the director here either at 41.4mb(192kbps) or 12.4mb(64kbps), which was on the Brian Wise show Off The Record on RRR.

Also I saw Fido and Parika at the RMIT capital theatre, beautiful place but I felt big up the back was way to far away, my recommendation is to get nice and close on most films you see there.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Baseball Flyer

Interseting post/flyer from Melbourne act Baseball, playing at the Northcote Social Club with Kes & Bang Bang Aids!
Here's some noise from Bang Bang Aids!

Bang Bang Aids! - Mega Lipps

Monday, August 06, 2007

What's on ABC?

I'm at work, borred. I can access Here a few things you can find on that website.

On JJJ, MP3 from Melbourne group Dardanelles (electro/rock/indie/pop group)
Dardanelles  - Footsteps

On Dig TV has plenty of Audio Podcast,
Monday 29 January -
The Audreys 
Monday 21 August -
Tim Rogers And Tex Perkins Extended Interview  
as to these dates what year was this again, nothing on the site would tell me.

Enough Rope with Andrew Denton has also plenty of Music Interviews including a recent interview with Neil Finn and Nick Seymour from
Crowded House . Neil Finn and Nick Seymour have a chat back Monday 16/7/2007(in mp3) , while on there media trail for there new album 'Time On Earth', but this interview is much more focusing on past and present day stories. I didn't know that Crowded House supported Rage Against The Machine in the states.

... and on the good old Rage we see...
Friday 10/8/2007 from 11:55pm to 9am Saturday Morning, new releases.
Saturday 11/8/2007 from 11:50pm has Jamie T guest programing
Saturday 18/8/2007 has a Women with Attitude special "ROCK CHICKS & RIOT GIRLS"
Saturday 25/8/2007 has Dappled Cities Fly guest program
Saturday 1/9/2007 has Cold War Kids guest program
Saturday 8/9/2007 has Clutch guest program

Saturday, August 04, 2007

2007 RRR radio fest

Radio fest is on at RRR next week, from August 10th-19th. More info here.

Noise Pollution

New music blog called 'Noise Pollution' on can be found. It's buy Stephen Walker (The Ghost) who hosts the skull cave on RRR 102.7 every friday 4pm - 7pm.

Skull gave website -

RRR Skull Cave website

Noise Pollution Blog -

Monday, July 30, 2007

Blonde Redhead at the Hi Fi

Blonde Redhead
July 23rd Hi-Fi

Was a fairly magical gig at the Hi Fi. Before I went I managed to have a few hour's sleep (old man nap) and maybe this was why it was very magical. Kazu Makino had this awesome on stage presence. Did happen to see the band before hand who were ok.

Blonde Redhead on wikipedia

Blonde Readhead myspace

more video's can be found here.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


ENVY(space) + MY DISCO!(space) + BRISK + ART VANDELAY The Arthouse, City. 8pm.

A cold night sore all these
cool kids and pretty girls and boys - with there slick hair styles and designer gear from shop down an alley off chapel street (for non melbournians that the wanker district) - venture on down to the Arthouse for some mid week punk. It was so cold in the venue at the start that I had to wear my gloves and even up stairs in the outside smoking area (I don't smoke) found myself warming to the gas heater.

Art Vandelay (Brisbane) had that whole young vibe, with many different sounds coming from them, which is great because they have the potential to go anywhere in the musical universe.

I was very much in a trance listening to My Disco, wasn't expecting too much, one of my friends gave them a good quiet rap before they started, and I found myself to be in some sort of hypnotic state listening to there beats. Brisk were consistent, but I felt bored while waiting for the next band and my next drink.

When My Disco started I had they complete wow factor, probably due to the fact that they contracted so differently from the first two acts (and even the last Envy). My Disco had an Album released some time ago (I think it was Cancer) and was getting album of the week on PBS and RRR when it was release, so I feel like a Johny come lately now listening to them. They had some awesome instrumentals and other songs that would just pound right into you. I just placed this act in a box and label them.

My Disco - Perfect Protection

Envy (Japanese hardcore/screamo) came on which saw the whole crowd go to the front of the Arthouse. I found this out while talking to my mate and headed up to the stage to take a closer look. They had some great riffs and this great intensity.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dinosaur Jr + Eddy Current Suppression Ring

Dinosaur Jr(space) + Eddy Current Suppression Ring(space)
The Forum, Thursday 12 July 2007

Did I just pay $4.50 for a coke, fuck that shit. Whats with drinks these day. I always complain about the price. But for fuck sake a non-alcoholic drink... but on with the gig (also plenty of bogans there too). Don't know who else Played. Last time I saw Eddy Current Suppression Ring (read here) they had this great intensity, but this time they lacked it. Maybe it was due to the larger venue compared to the more intimate venue of the Tote. The lead singer Brendan Suppression did the whole climb up on the tower of speakers and went to this over hang, which was cool and also did this pacing across the stage like a caged animal.

Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Precious Rose
(from It's All square 7")

Dinosaur Jr we're great very fresh for a well aged act. They opened with Almost Ready from the recent release beyond. J Mascis just went crazy and must of set the volume up to 11, and his solo we're long and massive, just pumping out the tunes. Other highlights we're It's all I came to do and Feel the Pain. J kind of took center stage and blow out Lou and Murph.

Check out Dinosaur Jr on the Late, Late show

Sunday, July 08, 2007


Pony, Saturday 07 July 2007

After the recent changes to pub's, clubs and bar with the smoking policy, Pony greeted me with the smell of stale beer and bad body oder, kind of like what decomposing food would smell like. While walking to the venue most places now have people standing out in the cold with there death sticks.

Very much of a click happening, people knew each other, sometimes this makes you feel a bit threatened. Yes there were a few people with there style that would fit in nicely with this type of music. The question I have is what the hell are you going to look like when your 60 with one of those big round earings that slot inside the lobe?

Sets were short, maybe only about 20 minutes each, with the bands taking longer than that to tune. But who could complain with a front door price of $7. Only downside was that the Beer was $3.60 for a pot of heavy (the most I've paid for a pot at the moment is $4.50 at transport, across from flinders street station).

Quickly (I'm no expert) Cut Sick had a great drummer; Straightjacket Nation was really into it and got the crowd into there music, had this energy; Hard Luck (from Canberra) kinda looked out of it, lead singer did a little pose with the taking of his jacket, and while this band played saw a few people leave with comments like 'See you at Bang' or some cool punk night for the kids.

Garage Band site has some Straightjacket Nation tracks to download.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Honey Bees

The Painkillers
- Honey Bees

Found this gem via the JJJ unearthed website. The Painkillers are a two peice from perth, made up of James Baker and Joe Bludge. James has been in such acts as The Hoodoo Gurus, The Scientists and The Beasts Of Bourbon to name a few. Best way to describe this band is a take on punk and folk. This is a sweet song. There album "Drunk on a Train" is through Blazing Strumpet Records, and you can get it here at Red eye records.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Bawdies at the Tote

Tuesday 19/6/07
The Bawdies (Japan)(space), The Tash Mints, The Ooga Boogas, Blow-Up DJS Emma Peel & Il Cattivo.

The Bawdies (Japan) Tuesday 19th of June The Tote After getting back home from a fairly feeling surly, check the gig guide to see The Bawdies playing at the Tote for a staggering 1990’s price of $10. I did however manage to miss the first few acts but caught I believe The Tash Mints (but when your up the back of the tote it's a little hard to see whats going on)..

The place was packed at 9.30 when I got there, probably not as packed out as the Eddy Current Suppression Ring gig I went to later on this year. But still great to see a packed out gig for the Tote on a Tuesday. The crowd was a mix of some excited Japanese ex-pats, local youth and some older folk too.

The Bawdies play a mixture of 50’s Rock’n’Roll, R’n’B, Garage and Japanese group sounds. If you can get yourself to Dragon Fly records in the CBD you may be able to find a great compilation called Go Go Group Sounds of the 1960’s, full of band from the 60’s. High light for me was there cover of the Little Richards ‘Tootie Fruity’ which was in there encore.


pbs fm radio for the people.....

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mp3 on JJJ

Some Mp3 on the JJJ website,

machine translations
- Need a Miracle
Now based in Melbourne

Sly Hats - Vampire Sips
Solo work for Geoff O'Connor who is the singer/songwriter for Melbourne quartet the Crayon Fields. Next gig is on the Friday 22nd June at Toff In Town (Curtain House) Melbourne, which is also an album launch.

British India - Tie Up My Hands
Another Melbourne group playing on the Wednesday 20th June at Spanish Club (the last gig at the Spanish club due to closing down). There playing a gig for the PBS/RRR Megahertz Football team 10 year aniversy bash.

Monday, June 18, 2007

14/6 Wanda Jackson

At the Corner

I feel bad saying it but the Flying Saucers had a cover band sound but had a fund vibe on stage and set the night for the Rockabilly extravaganza. The crowd was probably the oldest I've seen at the Corner, plus plenty of young kids who dressed up for the occasion (which looks a bit wanky)

Hanks Jalopy Demons were a perfect connection with the new and the old of Rockabilly, this band were very energetic, dancable and entertaining.

The show was a bit of a best of, with Wanda telling some of the stories along the way. Wanda managed to pull out a gospel song, with a few people in the crowd not happy, but she sang it amazingly regardless of what your beliefs are. Even though Wanda has aged psychically, her voice, to her voice was still intact and sounding very much of what I've heard from her CD's.

Also the backing for Wanda in her Australian tour was Itchy Fingers & Andrew King.

The night was cold, I found this out while deciding to walk home while leaving some friends to get a few CD's signed.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Drink with the SAS

cosmic psychos
- drinkin with the sas

There playing with the Celibate Rifles at the Corner on the Friday the 15th of June.
Melbourne group who play Grung Punk Rock.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dinosaur Jr hit Aus Shores again

Comming up this july Dinosaur Jr will hit our shores again. They play the Forum in Melbourne on Thursday 12 July 2007. This track is taken, from what I call a comback album 'Beyond' found on the JJJ mp3 webpages. Tickets through Ticketek.

Dinosaur Jr - 'Almost Ready'

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Poster: Sunn O))) & Boris

Nice Poster that was out for this recent gig. Also heard it was an awesome gig.

Boris (space)

sunn O))) & Boris Website

sunn 0))) - It Took The Night To Believe (featuring Leviathan/Wrest on vocals) from the "Black One" album

Boris - Farewell from the new Pink album

On like kong + Jaguar Spring + the Attack

Wed 2nd may the tote

On like kong

Jaguar Spring

the Attack

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Good Shepherd's Circus Pice Classic

The Good Shepherd's Circus Pice Classic
The Corner, Sunday 29th April

Felt before entering that such a event would be a bit dirty due to pubs with beer drenched carpet holding you in place and smoke of the punters (people still light up in gigs, just a little a bit more discrete , don't know how the ban coming up for all venues will be policed).

Bit of a sad event due to not many people being there for such a good cause. It'd seemed more of an event that should of taken place during summer, maybe outside in a park, or in a park with some festival.

The idea was great having a gig meets rock kwiz meets Iron Chef, but it just seemed very disjointed. If they are going to do this again maybe they should look at the Oyster eating on Australia day at the Belgian beer cafe, that thing is massive.

Also the price of Alcohol is to expensive

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Shappi Khorsandi

Shappi Khorsandi
- Asylum Speaker, Sat 28, Hi Fi Bar.
A great story teller.
Hi Fi drinks prices will send you broke.

Jon Faine and Stella Young with Shappi Khorsandi and Andy Zaltzman - The Conversation Hour 774 ABC Melbourne

Shappi Khorsandi - Laughing at Terrorism: 10.4.2007. On SBS, describing her new show to Greg Muller.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sam Simmons

I saw this show the other day (Sam Simmons Space), had a good laugh. A very quirky show, although he does use power point, and some pic's have been seen before in emails. The picture is a bit messed up due to sitting in my pants for a few days. Also check out his webpage.

Also Sam is a guest on youth network JJJ for Top Shelf with Robbie Buck (rhyms with something doesn't it) Here's a couple of things to listen to...
The Precise History of: Soup
The Precise History of: Girls