Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Love is all

Love is All (space) + Shaky Hands/Cut off your hands
East Brunswick Club 28/2/07

Love is All - Talk Talk Talk Talk

This little write up thing, has taken a while, not because I had a problem with the gig just because I've been busy.

This was one of Love is Alls sides shows for that Laneway festival thing or lets pack in all these people and make them uncomfortable thingy.

Nice Venue, first time to see a gig there. Apart for the expensive beer. Went through this rabit warren from the bar into the venue, kind of had that feeling of not knowing what to expect.

The kids there, yes kids was a young crowd, were all dressed up looking the indie part, or what ever that was. I managed to catch Shakey hand or is it now Cut off your hands but not the first band. They had a great dance party vibe, warm up feeling, which suited waiting there for love is all. Love is all played a fairly short set, maybe under 1 hour, but I still enjoyed because 1. the band performed 2. had this great energy on stage, which made me not feel cheated buy the price. Sweedish Groups are sexy ABBA anyone? This band fits into that Sweedish Sexy mould.

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